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Seek Fine Art is the first and only location-based search engine app that allows you to immediately connect to the world of art around you. Users can instantly search fine art by gallery, location, artists or art style.

Our artist database immediately links you directly to the source – the artists, their works, & the galleries where they are showing. Whether you are looking for a specific artist somewhere in the country, or interested in discovering new art near you, Seek Fine Art will help you get in contact.

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Agne Christensen

I really want to change people’s perception of the art world. Room Art Gallery was my first step to get upcoming artist a space to show the work that gave me goose bumps, inspired me as an artist to create. I always felt blessed walking in my art “room”.

Seek Fine Art is my second step to bring this experience to more people. I love art! All types of art, even the kind that makes me uncomfortable. I love what that gave me and keeps giving me everyday. I want to know every gallery, artist, art everywhere at anytime.

Art is like music. I invite you to SEEK the art that makes you feel. Find your own color, brush stroke, medium, subject, size, form, line or maybe a whole other dimension of experiencing art. Not every artwork will rock your world, like you will not groove to every song. It’s so incredibly powerful that I am here to make the journey of meeting art easier and more enjoyable.


Daiva Bagociunaite
Karolis Karalevicius